Event News

Get event news and analysis from Africa’s power and energy in-person events, conferences, summits, training, webinars and exhibitions.

In this chapter of the ESI Africa website, our event news content includes pre- during- and post-event articles along with the session programme, expert speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and where to register. Our event news coverage is also found on our social media pages and live from the conference venue. Where ESI Africa has an on-site studio, the editor invites speakers and delegates for on-camera interviews.

The information includes areas of power, energy, electricity, water, mining, mobility and transportation such as electric vehicles and clean shipping, renewable energy (solar power, wind energy, hydropower, biomass, hydrogen, nuclear power stations, coal plants and gas), battery energy storage, metering, rural and urban electrification, distributed energy resources, finance and investment, and ESG.

The events we partner with include Enlit Africa, AMEU Convention, Windaba, and Solar Power Africa. Find the list of events ESI Africa partners with here.

ESI Africa launches two magazines at the Enlit Africa conference each year.